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Most Common Sexually Transmitted Infections (Diseases)


STI/STD and Means of Transmission, Symptoms & Consequences

 Human Papilloma virus (HPV) - Genital WartsAnal; Oral; Vaginal; Intimate skin contact  One (1) month or moreWarts in, on and around genital and anal area Cervical Cancer (CA); Anal Cancer (CA
 Herpes Virus - Cold Sores; Some Penile blisters Anal; Oral; Vaginal; KissingVaries, majority of tmes 2 - 10 days  Blisters on & around genital and anal regions Self infection of body partes; infect bady during birth
 HepatitisAnal; Oral; Vaginal; Blood   Sometimes no symptoms; Pain in the joints; Exhaustion Severe liver (hepatic) damage and all complications that goes along with liver disease; Infect unborn child

 SyphilisAnal; Oral; Vaginal  10 - 90 days on an average three (3) weeks Hardly any visible symptoms; Soars on the genital area; Rash/Fever Damage heart, eyes, brain; Infertility; Infect unborn child
 Gonorrhea (runnings) Anal; Oral; Vaginal1 - 30 days on an average 3 - 5 days Hardly any visible symptoms 1 - 3 weeks after infection burning sensation when micturating / voiding; Unusual vaginal discharge; Abdominal pain; Painful intercourse; Bleeding between periods   Arthritis; Skin soars; Heart & brain infection; Blindness to unborn child
 ChlamydiaAnal; Oral; Vaginal 1 - 3 weeks Females usually do not have symptoms; White vaginal discharge; Men pain during urination/micturation Female: pelvic inflammatory disease (PID); Male: chronic urinary infection; Prostate infection 
Trichomomias  Anal; Oral; Vaginal; Fore play (fingering)4 - 28 days  Female: heavy yellow-green or gray vaginal discharge; Abdonimal pain; Pain during urination; Male: usually NO symptoms Bladder inflammation; Skin irritation in genital area

 Pubic lice (Crabs) Anal; Oral; Vaginal; Intimate skin contact; Dirty bedding or clothing  Itch (puritic) in the pubic area Skin irritation in the pubic region



Anal; Oral; Vaginal; Blood; Breast milk Months to years 

 No visible symptoms

T-cell count

 AIDS; Opportunistic infections; Death