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Pure Health (Caribbean) BV

PURE HEALTH BV (Ltd) Welcomes you at Pure Health Medical Clinic. Established/Incorporated in 2011 on the island of St Maarten (Dutch West Indies), Pure Health B.V. is a private, progressive Medical & Health Care and Wellness Service Clinic.

At Pure Health Medical Clinic We strive to assist all our patients & clients with their Medical, Health and Wellness needs/care.

Pure Health BV, through its TM Logo &  Registered Brand name - SALUTOGENA, offers our customers, clients, patients and members Important/Essential Vitamins & Supplements with a Purpose & Aim: Prevention is ALWAYS Better than Cure!

SALUTOGENA: Preventive, Integrative and Holistic Health & Wellness!


Distributed by: Pure Health BV

Available Exclusively at: Pure Health Medical Clinic

Contact Information

Pure Health B.V. (Ltd)

Pure Health Medical Clinic

Union Road #139-E

Union Road Plaza

Cole Bay

St Maarten

Work/Clinic Phone: (1-721) 544-2275

WhatsApp Number: (1-721) 524-7709


P.O. Box: 508

Philipsburg, St. Maarten,

Dutch West Indies/Caribbean

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